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I am Roy Baxter working as a freelance health writer. I run a few blogs on free blogging sites such as "MyWellnessDaily" on blogger and "InfoHealthTech" on WordPress. In that, I share content about healthcare that can help people to solve their health issues. My healthcare topics are related to men's and women's health such as what are the best diet programs? How do maintain a good relationship? Heart problems, diabetes, weight loss program, erectile dysfunction in men, libido issues, medicines information for men’s sexual health such as How can men buy Caverta 100mg pill that helps to get a harder erection, etc.

I am a skilled writer with expertise in a wide range of communication ways such as web content writing, and social media. Currently writing lifestyle articles and blogs for Allmedscare online web portal. I strongly believe in research and collecting information about current and past subjects before starting any topic.

Apart from content writing or blogging, I am a person who spends free time with my hobbies like watching Netflix, outing with friends, etc.

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